Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Remember your childhood memories: I am!

I would like to urge everyone to write down/document some special moments/memories from your childhood. I will do this now, and I think its a great idea as I have the worst memory ever and I would hate to forget the little things that meant so much to me when I was younger with the people that I cared so much about.

Some of my childhood memories:

Being carried around the lush green garden by my Grandad; he would hold me up so that I could touch the large beech leaves on the trees, they always astounded me for some reason!

Visiting my grandparents pet sheep and riding on the back of the old male.

When my Dad would blow raspberries on my belly and I'd scream with laughter.

Being allowed to push the trolley in the supermarket and feeling extra-grown-up!

Spending all day in my grandparents orchards, finding worms and collecting them in a big tub. I also went out of my way to obtain several pet slugs, or anything else that I could fit in an old Flora margarine tub with holes poked through the top!

Thinking that the piece of council grass hidden by trees outside my house was my own "secret garden".

Helping my Grandma in her greenhouse.

Making a zoo in my bedroom with all my stuffed animals.

Dreaming of owning a desk one day, then receiving one on my 9th birthday and crying with delight.

Me in the middle, about aged 12/13, having a party in my Grandparents garden with all my schoolfriends:

Me aged 13 and my Mum:

Me, aged 14, with my gorgeous pony Seaspray:

I urge you all to do the same, I have now entered a state of intense reminiscence!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

my hectic past few months!

Hey! I have been so busy at my new job recently that I have not had time to even consider blogging!

I became a registered mental health nurse in October 2012 and stated working on an acute assessment unit in Hull, which means we have patients brought in by the police and our Crisis team, who may be drunk, under the influence of drugs, and suffering from psychosis or any other acute mental illness. Many may feel suicidal and it can be a worry having them on the unit, as they are considered quite risky.

It has been ever so interesting and I love spending time with my patients, talking to them and trying to work out with them a pattern of trigger events in their lives, or to identify ways in which they can go back to living at home with their families.

We often get patients who are detained under the Mental Health Act or "sectioned" and this can be a real challenge, as they often want to leave and I have to tell them why they can't.

Anyway, I have loved the past few months and am looking forward to going to Barcelona this weekend to watch FC Barcelona play at Camp Nou stadium!

My boyfriend and I are also going to Rome for 5 days in February which I am SO EXCITED for as I have always wanted to go and see the Colosseum and all the other amazing historical architecture.

I have also moved into a house with my boyfriend! I am moving my gorgeous cats in next week which I can't wait for as I have missed them so much whilst we have been getting the house all ready.

I am now going to try and start packing for Barcelona! I will post lots of photos when we return :)