Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Brazil Travels!!

Me and one of my good friends Nikki are planning to travel to Brazil this September/October.....AND WE ARE VERY EXCITED!!!

The only problem is, our mums are having a parent panic about it, saying that Brazil is too dangerous for two girls to go alone etc, which we can understand, but if we stick to the coast and to the main parts we shouldnt get in too much trouble should we? Its not as if we want to go off the beaten track into the wilderness where all the scary people live.

Here are some photos of the parts of Brazil we want to visit. We are planning on flying to Manaus, then seeing the Amazon Rainforest, and making our way down the east coast and finishing off in the party capital of the world Rio de Janerio!!! Our trip will last us 8 weeks and I am dying to get it all planned!!

Below is Rio!

Here are some animals Im dying to see when Im there!

Of course I'm going to miss my boyfriend very much, Ill have to stop off at every internet cafe to write to him, and of course to update my blog! :)

So mine and Nikkis aims now are:
1) Find cheap flights to Manaus
2) Find out where NOT to go in Brazil
3) Arrange doctors jabs and malaria pills
4) Save £3000 by September (eeek!)


  1. Sounds like fun. I think it should be safe if you make sure to stick together and stay in the better parts of the populated areas. I lived in a third world country and know they're pretty suspicious of tourists for their money, and way back when it was dangerous to be a tourist in places like Honduras...and even Costa Rica, where I lived, there was a phase of instability and terrorist attacks against tourists...and that country is relatively tame! Brazil probably isn't all that bad though, it's closer to second-world in the city. The main survival rules in any third-world country are... stick together, watch out for snakes, and don't drink the water. Maybe keep a large ferocious looking dog for company. :)

  2. hey, thanks for your comment :) it would be so much easier to have a big snarly dog, maybe I can adpot a leopard while Im out there :) Im sure we will be ok, we are sensible enough to know not to flash cash etc, although I think we will mostly be carrying just a credit card as apparently not many shops etc in Brazil handle cash/coins. Im so looking forward to it, what country did you live in before that was third world? It must have made you quite street wise! xx

  3. That sounds like it'll be a great experience and loads of fun. Based on those pictures you posted it looks amazing! xx

  4. Hi, I'm the blogger of somewhereinbrazil. I've lived in Brazil for a long time, part of my family still lives there. In reality it's not so bad as people paint it ;-) Of course you have to be careful and don't walk around with precious stuff hanged on your neck, like in any big city of the world. But if you behave sensibly it's not that big cities you have to be careful, smaller cities are quite safe. Credit cards are ok in big cities, in smaller and in more off the beaten track places you'll need cash. Brazilians are extremely friendly and welcoming, you won't have problems!!

  5. Hi, I follow your blog and have had a little nosy, its very interesting! Thanks for your advice, Im sure I will be fine and I just am so excited, it will be the best trip ever! Are there any places you would recommend we avoid in particular? xx

  6. Leanne - thanks! I cant wait to come face to face with a big spotty leopard! :)