Saturday, 12 March 2011

Evil Earth & HAARP!

So just after New Zealand have a really bad earthquake, bloody Japan go and have a massive tsunami! I mean come on! New Zealand have been on tsunami alert, but Im pretty sure it wont be severe when it reaches them. BUT COME ON EARTH!!! Seriously!!

I work with a guy called Ben and our theory is that HAARP are creating man made natural disasters as the new warfare. Radical I know. But what if they are?! How bitchy and two faced would it be if that Barack Obama did that! Its a bit harsh really. New Zealand havent done anything to harm USA! Maybe Japan has in the past, so maybe he felt he had a reason to do it to them, but its still a bit uncalled for!

If you dont know what HARRP is, its a High frequency Active Auroral Research Programme. Its owned by the USA and has the ability to completely destroy the protective ozone layer and kill every living thing without any explosions or damage to buildings. Because of the short frequency of the radio waves it transmits, it is also thought that HAARP could actually brainwash people (as the brain works on exactly the same wave frequency). What if it could be used to control the minds of an army before going into battle, or of a whole nation before a general election? What if its going to be used to create a New World Order? That would be horrid! More importantly, what if the wrong person got their hands on it?

I have loads of books on HAARP (not read them all yet!) and I find it so interesting. I think everyone should know about it because its mere existence concerns us all. We already know that technology can modify the weather, so what if its being used to create earthquakes?

 Im going to post some more conspiracies I think are cool, this post has got me all excited about them now! Haha :) xxx


  1. I didn't know anything about this HAARP, so thanks for posting this and get me informed :)
    I think it would be such an awful thing to do, to use technology to create heartquake or natural disaster, it's such a crime!
    I'm going to have a look about this organization :)

  2. I know, its interesting isnt it! I have loads more to post so keep having a peek! :) x