Sunday, 18 March 2012

War Horse: The Real Story

I don't know how many of you caught the recent Channel 4 program depicting the real war horses of the First World War, but I thought I would take some information from that and from my own research and show you some photos and background of these fantastic brave horses.


Warrior carried General Jack Seely, a good friend of Winston Churchill, through the horrors of war.

Warrior was always brave, and reported never to run away or back off from battle.

He was dubbed "the horse the German's couldn't kill"

One day, Warrior went lame and the General had to ride another horse, who was killed by a shell in battle. The General broke 3 ribs but thanked his lucky stars he wasn't riding Warrior.

Warrior survived the war, and returned home to the Isle of Wight where the General continued to ride him around the countrysides until 1938.

Warrior died in 1941, aged 33 years old.

Photos of horses from the First World War

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