Friday, 13 January 2012

Epic & Funny Awkward Photos: Post 2!!

Second post on some epic, funny and sometimes cheesy photos :) first post can be seen here.

The proud parents.

Who thought of that pose?

This has to be one of the cheesiest, how can her boyfriend live this down?!

American patriot.

Awkward balloon position!

The creepiest couple ever?

The commitment of the guy on the right to get in the photo results in some impressive neck-bending!

Team Edward.

Daddy's girls.

How does she not know her hair is on fire?

Biggest geek ever?

Someone forgot the birthday candles!

Child abuse!

More child abuse!

Like father like daughter.

Karate kid

So much to look forward to.

Sorry its quite a long post, hope you liked! xxx

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