Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fashion Trends: Is it just me??

I wouldn't say I was the most fashion savvy person but I definitely like to see what the latest trends are, however, some of the recent ones have just been a huge disappointment to me!

1) Brogues

 I'm sorry, I know most of you girls will have a pair, but I have resisted this awful Grandad fashion statement. I mean, what the hell? I do appreciate that they can "go" with certain outfits but I'm just not convinced.
 2) Flat platform sandals

Another one that I just don't get. Why not just wear a heeled wedge if you want height? These just look a bit butch in my opinion.

3) Headscarves

Admittedly they do suit some people, but I have never liked "head clothing" like this, especially how these girls are wearing them. Nah.

4) Leggings

I'll just say first that I love wearing leggings with long tops etc, but I always see girls walking around with their fucking camel toes hanging out. Don't these girls look in the mirror?? If anyone can see a double-vagina situation going on with you, then there is definitely a problem.


I will leave it at that. Does anyone else have any other 2011 trends that they think are just disgusting??
 Or does anyone agree with my logic here? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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  2. What a fab post (though I do love brogues)