Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Horse Of The Year Show & The Highest Horse Jump Ever!!

I went to the Horse Of The Year Show (HOYS) on Saturday and thought it was absolutely amazing! It was the night of the Puissance, which is a competition where they build a course that consists of a normal (but still high) jumps and then erect a wooden wall, which I think started at about 6'3" and ended up at 7'3", which is the highest it has been at the HOYS! It was so exciting to watch!

Two horses managed to clear that height, and split the prize money of £5,000

Watch this video and notice the amount of effort the horse puts in to get over the wall with his back legs! This horse is called Volcano, and is absolutely beautiful!

Watching this made me want to find out what the world record was, and I came across this short video which shows stills of the "unofficial" world record set in 1938 and was 8 feet 3.5 inches!

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