Monday, 24 October 2011

Can you turn regular people into murderers?

After watching part of Derren Brown's recent TV programme where he hypnotises people with the desired results being that they willingly try and commit murder. It was interesting, I wish I had watched all of it.

However, it reminded me of something I saw a while back on a programme about Bethlem Insane Asylum.
It is called the Milgram Experiment and its purpose was to examine to what extent regular members of the public would follow orders from a figure of authority. It was created to try and explain the actions of Hitlers SS men during the Holocaust.

The idea was that Stanley Milgram, a psychologist, would present members of the public with an electric shock generator, which they were told was attached to another person behind a screen.

He labelled the shock strengths (these were: moderate, strong, danger, severe shock, and the two highest levels were marked XXX).

The shock generator was however a fake and only produced a sound when activated.

40 members of the public were recruited and told they were to take part on a "memory and learning" experiment.

One by one, they sat by the shock generator, and they were told to deliver electric shocks, starting at the lowest, and gradually getting stronger. The scientist was very persuasive if the subjects became nervous about delivering the shock, and told them he was fully responsible for anything, which gave them a sense of relief so they continued.

Milgrams question he was trying to solve was:
"For how long will someone continue to give shocks to another person if they are told to do so, even if they thought they could be seriously hurt?"

All 40 people obeyed up to at least 300 volts. 25 people continued to deliver up to 375 volts (the maximum level).

Perhaps even more shockingly, the person delivering the shock could hear the other person shouting out for help, asking to leave the experiment, and also shouting out that they had heart trouble. Yet the subject still delivered higher shocks, even up to the point where the receiving person was screaming for their life.

The Nazi war criminals of the Holocaust explained their actions by merely "following orders". What do you all think, can it be explained or do you think they were just cruel people?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fashion Trends: Is it just me??

I wouldn't say I was the most fashion savvy person but I definitely like to see what the latest trends are, however, some of the recent ones have just been a huge disappointment to me!

1) Brogues

 I'm sorry, I know most of you girls will have a pair, but I have resisted this awful Grandad fashion statement. I mean, what the hell? I do appreciate that they can "go" with certain outfits but I'm just not convinced.
 2) Flat platform sandals

Another one that I just don't get. Why not just wear a heeled wedge if you want height? These just look a bit butch in my opinion.

3) Headscarves

Admittedly they do suit some people, but I have never liked "head clothing" like this, especially how these girls are wearing them. Nah.

4) Leggings

I'll just say first that I love wearing leggings with long tops etc, but I always see girls walking around with their fucking camel toes hanging out. Don't these girls look in the mirror?? If anyone can see a double-vagina situation going on with you, then there is definitely a problem.


I will leave it at that. Does anyone else have any other 2011 trends that they think are just disgusting??
 Or does anyone agree with my logic here? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Horse Of The Year Show & The Highest Horse Jump Ever!!

I went to the Horse Of The Year Show (HOYS) on Saturday and thought it was absolutely amazing! It was the night of the Puissance, which is a competition where they build a course that consists of a normal (but still high) jumps and then erect a wooden wall, which I think started at about 6'3" and ended up at 7'3", which is the highest it has been at the HOYS! It was so exciting to watch!

Two horses managed to clear that height, and split the prize money of £5,000

Watch this video and notice the amount of effort the horse puts in to get over the wall with his back legs! This horse is called Volcano, and is absolutely beautiful!

Watching this made me want to find out what the world record was, and I came across this short video which shows stills of the "unofficial" world record set in 1938 and was 8 feet 3.5 inches!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

War Horse Film :)

I have read the novel and now can't wait for the Steven Spielberg film to come out this year! The book was awesome, and I would say you don't have to be a horse lover to enjoy and appreciate it. It is such a well written story and I hope the film does it justice which I'm sure it will!

Take a look at the exciting trailer!!!!!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Michael Vick: Dog Abuser

Michael Vick is a suspended quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Suspended, because he decided it would be funny to put peoples family pets in a ring with his trained pitbulls and watch as his pitbulls injured and killed the other dogs.

AS IF THIS WASNT BAD ENOUGH, Vick and his friends decided to hang 3 of the dogs that did not perform well in a "rolling session" which shows the readiness of the dogs to fight. According to the report, the three men hung the dogs "by placing a nylon cord over a 2 X 4 that was nailed to two trees located next to the big shed. They also drowned approximately three dogs by putting the dogs' heads in a five gallon bucket of water." WTF!!!!!

He tried to deny he had any direct involvement, up to the point where he failed a lie detector test, then he admitted to hanging the dogs. He got jailed for 23 months and was released in 2009. He has gone from being the NFL's highest paid player, to being absolute scum of the Earth.

I hate reading about animall abuse and I hate that it happens, and I never understand how anyone could do anything to hurt an animal. Michael Vick, you are a dick!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

How could anyone be so cruel?!

I am FUMING right now, as a man who owns a shop a few doors down from us has threatened to poison my cats if I don't get rid of them, because he hates them going to the toilet in his garden (which is neglected). I am so cross, I can't believe he is trying to make me give them away, I have had them for years! One of them is a rescue cat and there is no way I am letting some prick kill him!! I am ringing the RSPCA and the police today to report it, because its illegal to put poison down, and its definitely illegal to kill a cat on purpose, and if he does it, I will sue him and take him to court (which I can actually do by law), I just hope it doesn't come to that! :(
Socks my Rescue cat

Muffin :)