Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My experience with a venomous Chilean Rose Tarantula!

My boyfriend and I visited Xscape in Leeds, and there we saw a stand with a guy with lots of birds of prey, snakes and spiders! You could pay to hold one and the money went towards conservation, so I thought why not!

I chose the Chilean Rose tarantula! I have no idea why, they scare me to death!

After I had held it for a while, the guy told me that they were venomous and I had a tiny panic, but I didn't want to scare the tarantula so I tried to keep my cool!

They actually have massive fangs, look at these:

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Scientists plan to bring back EXTINCT animals! Whatttt?!

So I read this news article stating how scientists from around the world were meeting up to debate and plan which extinct animals to bring back to life! They have shortlisted 24 animals, ranging from Woolly Mammoth to Smilodon (Sabre-toothed Tiger) to the Dodo!

See the list of shortlisted animals here

They have apparently all already decided that it would be pretty much impossible to bring back the dinosaurs as they have been extinct for such a long time the DNA has broken down and is not stable enough. No real life Jurassic Park then :(

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Do face masks really work? Review of mine :)

As I'm sat watching Come Dine With Me with a gorgeous smelling raspberry smoothie face mask on my face, I am wondering whether what I am doing will actually make any sort of difference. Plus I'm bored enough to actually make a blog post about putting on a face mask!

I have always liked face masks, but I always sort of think that they are like a placebo effect type of thing - where you just convince yourself that your skin feels amazing afterwards, but do they have long term benefits? What does everyone else think? This is the mask I have used:

This face mask is from Montagne Jennesse and are 99p a sachet from Boots. You get one mask in each packet, but you get loads and you have plenty to use on your neck area too (even though I can't stand face mask on my neck!). They have loads of other really nice looking masks, like this self-heating fudge mask, which I will be using next!

So I've left it 15 minutes, I'd better wash it off! :)

The downside to these particular masks is that they are not the easiest to remove!
Yes my skin feels moisturised, yes it feels smooth, just like it said on the packet...but I've heard of so many people who have used masks and it has actually made their skin condition worse, which worries me a bit! Oh well, I have loads of face masks that I have been bought as presents so I might as well plough through them! :)