Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My Travels!!

Here are some photos I have taken in my first week in New Zealand :)

This was my view over Iceland where the water was all frozen over :) cool! Literally! haha

This was over Los Angeles

These two were over the north island of New Zealand

This is my step sister Madi she is 9 and lives with my Dad and her Mum in Christchurch

Some earthquake damage

The army have cordoned off the city centre to stop people from going in because it is too dangerous
You can see a big crack in the pavement too

The city centre

An earthquake hole

I have lots more that i will post later of the earthquake damage, but these are ones I have uploaded so far. As you can see, its pretty bad in the city centre. Most of my relatives were there at the time and the shop my uncle owns and my dad works in is all mashed up, they were lucky to get out unscathed.

My next post will be photos from the trip across the Southern Alps I took with my dad the other day, I got some wonderful pictures of some really beautiful scenery!

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