Sunday, 3 April 2011

Kia Ora!!

Im finally here in Christchurch!! It was a long drawn out and very tiring flight ( I had to stop over in LA and Auckland each for about 2 hours ) but I got here yesterday morning. Its about half three in the afternmoon here so all you UK people will be fast asleep :) I would have loved to post some pictures here but I cant work out how to off this laptop, so might have to do it when I get back.

The weather is good, it rained a bit today but its so warm that it doesnt matter! Im staying with my Dad, his wife and her 9 year old daughter. They have a lovely house just outside the city centre. The city centre is closed at the moment and they think it might be til at least Christmas, and some people think it will be 5 years til it all gets sorted. Yesterday we went as far into it as you can go and I took some photos of the damage, I managed to get a photo of the street my Dad worked down but the jewellery shop he worked in is very damaged and he was lucky to get out alive.

I have 72 photos and its only my second day, so I have to save them all on a stick :)

Of course I miss my boyfriend so much, I have only been away from him for a few days and I'm here for 3 weeks! Check out his blog at :)

Tonight I am going to visit my Uncle, Auntie and Cousins who live just a ten minute drive away. I havent seen them for years so it will be lovely to have a catch up!

I have the use of a cute little white 4x4 which I can drive tomorrow, in New Zealand you dont need car insurance but my dad is getting it just in case :)

I was also surprised to find out that brothels and marjuana are legal here! (I think thats right about the weed)

Its hard to understand the NZ accent for me, they always pronounce the letter e as i, so for example to say pen they would pronounce it pin, and letter would be litter, so I have to say pardon quite a lot! Also, sweets are called lollies! I have no idea what actual lollies are called :)

Anyway I will keep updating my blog and hopefully will work out how to copy and paste my photos across from my stick, Im not very computer literate!

Bye for now  :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Love you, miss you and get them pictures up!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love you, miss you and I dont know how :( xxxx