Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More New zealand snaps :)

Hey! I thought I would crack on and do my second new zealand post straight away! Here are some pictures of when me and my dad went on a little road trip to the West coast of the Southern island, and just some other random ones I have taken
This is my Dads house

This is the car Im borrowing while Im here

This is my Dad!

Earthquake crack

Me (looking yuck) stood outside a cave, we werent allowed in it because I think it had been weakened by the earthquake

This building is at the bottom of a rocky cliff and there were people inside who I think never made it, all those rocks fell inside it and its completely damaged!!

This is Whitby my Dads rescue cat :) Cute!!

This is of the Southern Alps as we were driving through

This is me!

This is me too! After this stop we drove along that long bridge you can see in the background

This was at the West Coast, the sea was very rough and strong!

I will keep on uploading and keeping you all updated on my trip :) Im here for another 2 weeks so expect lots more posts!! xxxx

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