Friday, 20 May 2011

2011 so far :)

I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would try and summarise the first 5 months of 2011 and why I have enjoyed it so much! And explain myself with a few recent photos too :D

I have loved starting the year with my lovely boyfriend Chris: (his blog is at
This is me and Chris at the pub :)
We went to the Hull Maritime Museum recently and I dressed up like a fisherman!
Very cool :)

He has been very good to me, driving me up and down to see my gorgeous horse Ikoss so I can ride her. he has also been taking some photos and films of me riding her, I will post them later but here was one of my favourites:
There are lots more but he wants to adjust the lighting and other stuff before he lets me show anyone! :)

I have loved 2011 because also I went to New Zealand in April for 3 weeks to visit my Dad, and I loved it because I obviously don't get to see him often.
This is me and my Dad on my last night there :( I was sad to leave!
This is me and my Dad on a gondola in Queenstown :)

Another thing I have loved about 2011 is having no stress over uni work! I start my third year of my Mental Health Nursing diploma in November and even though I can't wait, it has been nice to have a well deserved break from it all and take some time to enjoy myself before I have to get all serious with a proper career after uni :)

One thing I have NOT liked about 2011 is being skint! My flights to NZ cost £1059 which skinted me out completely, and as I am currently only working 2 days a week, I have nothing but dust in my pockets :(
BUT I have just applied to be a Gallery Assistant full time for a photography firm near where I live, so hopefully I bag that job!

I think that just about summarises my 2011 so far! The things I am most looking forward to in the next 7 months are going on holiday with Chris (hopefully) and again hopefully returning to New Zealand before I have to start Uni again! And also looking forward to cracking on with my diploma and getting a real job! With a real salary! Yeyyyy!

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  1. Been the best 6 months of my life and we'll make sure we get away this summer, even if it's a night in Brid, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx