Thursday, 3 March 2011

Winter Wonderland 2008

Here are some snaps from when I went to Lapland over New Year 2008/2009
This is actually when I first met my boyfriend, but I was only 17 and a bit scared of older boys! ( I think he was about 20), me and my Mum went with his mum and 3 brothers because my mum and his mum are best friends.

Heres a lickle reindeer who had to pull big sleighs of tourists round, I dont know why but I always imagined reindeer to be quite big but the ones in Lapland are TINY!


Isnt it pretty :)

This is me with a husky, they were proper cute! So friendly too but you had to be careful because they could be a bit unpredictable apparently!

They never stayed still!

I loved that trip, I would love to go again! I recommend it to anyone, it is very expensive though! I think we paid half price and it was still £500 for 4 days :/

We went on a husky sledge and on these massive fast snowmobiles, that was so fun! I also met Santa, but I remember standing up to hug him and whacking my head so hard on a wooden beam and everyone laughing at me! I went so red and my mum took a photo, and I look like a tomato! haha

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