Friday, 4 March 2011


I'm kind of GUTTED at the moment, as I was planning on going to New Zealand in April but there are a couple of hurdles I have to jump first.....
1) That Goddam Earthquake
The recent earcthquake has destryoed a third of Christchurch (where my Dad lives, he was ok but his jewellery shop that he manages is complete rubble, and a few of his friends got crushed under some masonry, pretty traumatising stuff). These are some pictures that my cousin took of the damage:

Obviously this is in the suburbs, the main bad damage was in the city centre, lots of people died and are still missing. My Dad said that the streets were literally littered with dead bodies with arms and legs sticking out of rubble. He used to be a fireman so he went to help get people out and stuff.

Anyway, this is a problem because do I still go? Its still a good month away, but the city will be mostly in ruins, it will still be chaos, and some houses still dont have power, water or sewerage. Not the best time to visit! But I am dying to see my Dad and the rest of my family that live there, so I might still go IF...

2) Funds
....I can raise the funds! You see, I started a new job, expecting around £800-900 a month, but Im only getting around £500 a month, and when I need £1100 for flights alone, its not looking too good! I have one months pay left, and at the moment I only have £300 in my account!! So, I may not have a choice :(
Im selling as much stuff as I can on ebay though, like clothes etc, trying to raise a couple of hundred pounds at least. Wish me luck!! I so hope I can go, Ive been looking forward to it for months!

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