Thursday, 17 March 2011

This is my Best Friend :)

I have a best friend called Lamahra and I thought I would tell you all about her because she is amazing!
She has moved away to Leeds and left me all alone in Hull :(
Here are some photos of us together:

Im on the right and Lamahra is on the left :)
This was taken in Ibiza when she lived there for a few months and I went over on my own to partyyyyy!! i was pretty off my face in this photo I think! And yes I know I look a little bit like a hooker! :)

This was taken at a nightlclub at Hull University

This is Lamahra, my other good friend Charlotte, and me on a night out :)

Isn't she gorgeous :)
I would have lots of weird funny stories to tell you about her but I think she might kill me if I share them!!

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  1. It's always nice to know you can always rely on someone, and fully trust this person! having a best friend you can share important moments with is one the most amazing thing ever!