Tuesday, 22 March 2011

22/3/11 Stories :)

I thought I would post some topics from the BBC news today, I have started keeping quite up to date with the news and find it interesting to read everyday :)

Last speaker of ancient language of Bo dies in India

 Boa Sr

First up. An ancient language 70,000 years old in India has officially died out. It makes me wonder, if she was the last person who spoke it, who did she speak to? It says that after her parents died, she was the only person who could speak it for 30-40 years on her own. Awww.

Cat trapped in car's engine for 30 miles
This poor cat! It crawled into the engina compartment of someones car and stayed there for a 30 mile drive, and survived with just some burns to his paws :( Noone can find his owner so hes homeless too!
And lastly, I just thought it was cool that the BBC included this in the news :) as I am a big Pink Floyd fan
Syd Barratt in pictures!!
For anyone who is unfamiliar, he was in Pink Floyd at the beginning, then he went a bit mental and left and then was the influence for lots of the later songs, e.g. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (my horse is named after this song!)
He died in 2006 from pancreatic cancer. He lived on a farm in the English countryside.
Courtesy of the Estate of Roger Keith Barrett aka Syd Barrett
Courtesy of Pink Floyd Music Ltd Archive
The BBC also do a "week in pictures" 12-18th March so Ill post some :

A ferry is perched on top of a house in the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami in Otsuchi
The Japan destruction
A man takes a shower in public near the Monument of the Revolution in Mexico CityIn Mexico City the council have set up outdoor showers to teach people how to save water while they shower.
An anti-government protestor reacts as he and others carry a  another man from the site of clashes with security forces in Sanaa, Yemen.
Some random gun massacre in Yemen

Wow, isn't the world brilliant? :/ xxx

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