Friday, 24 June 2011

Day In York & Recent Photos :)

Hey guys! Me and my amazing boyfriend Chris ( decided to go to the beautiful city of York for the day. I have always loved York and all the history there is there, and I love going round the castle ruins.

This is a picture of me stood at the top of Clifford's Tower, a very old castle built in the 1200's

This is me and Chris 

We had an excellent day and I would love to go back again! I love looking round all the unique shops, and I bought myself a painting by numbers set and here is the finished result, only took me 2 nights!

My boyfriend bought himself a crossbow for £25 which was a bargain apparently. He has been shooting it in his garden, I had a go but I missed the target and lost the spike thing in the trees!

Here are some other random pictures. This one I have just taken now, I have just had my hair put up because I am going to a Ball tonight, I am very pleased with it!
I am so excited for tonight! I am wearing a long black dress with a zip down the front and some silver and black strappy heels. I will upload some photos tomorrow!

I will end my post with a photo of my little cat Muffin!



  1. I'm so envious! I would love love love to be able to spend the day in York!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Cool post, look gorgeous in all the pics xxxxxxxxxx

  3. These pictures look great and that's exciting that you're going to a ball tonight! Very jealous! :)