Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ebay Wins!

Heyy!! The other day I was in a MASSIVE bidding war with some person on ebay, they were trying to buy stuff I liked! So I kicked their ebay arses and won these 3 lovely items :)....

This is an Asos top as seen on Alexander Burke! I loved it when it was on Asos not that long ago so thought £7.60 was not too much to pay for it off ebay!

This is a New Look lace crop top which I love! Bargain at £2.76!!!

H&M brown Gladiator sandals......£2.30!!! Chuffed!!!

I am watching lots more items, as I have decided it is a lot cheaper to try and do as much of my summer clothes shopping as possible on Ebay and you can get nice stuff too!!

I'm making this a short post today as I am very tired but will definately post more tomorrow!!