Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Calorie Counting Is Exhausting!!

This is a little rant about how much I hate counting calories but I do it all day every day!! Its like a crazy obsession and I have found myself usually being so spot on about how many calories are in everything, which is a bit mental!! So my boss gave me and my colleague a box of Thorntons chocolates and I had two, then had a little panic because I COMPLETELY underestimated the calories, I estimated about 30-40 in each chocolate and it turned out each chocolate has 70 CALORIES!!! wtf!!!! So I consumed 140 calories with 2 stupid (but very nice) chocolates!!! Disaster!!

I do find it pretty exhausting actually counting calories, but on the bright side, it has kept my maths skills pretty good :)

So now I have to have soup for my lunch and go to the gym later, damn really couldnt be bothered with the gym today!! STUPID BUT DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE!!!! :D

p.s. Im not mental. Really. :)

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